Celebrate YOU This Mothers Day

Mothers Day is an important day to celebrate women and feel appreciated for all you do as a mum (that also applies to all the dog mums out there too!). Sunday will be a great day to spend with family, but why not also celebrate you and treat yourself?

Here’s a few ideas on what you can give yourself, Mothers Day or not, as a self acknowledgement for all the hard work you do.

1. Picnic With Your Other Mum Friends

Mothers Day Picnic

Photo Credit | Unknown, Pinterest

Gather your mummy friends, pack a cheese platter and hit a spot on the beach or local park far far far away from the sounds of the kiddy playgrounds. It’s a great opportunity to check in with one another and take some well-deserved you-time.

2. Update your skincare products

We’re all the same. We collect skincare products over the years and seem to hang onto products we never actually use because of “just in case” situations. Some call it ‘goo hoarding’. Chuck those 5 year old products in the bin and invest in an updated skincare routine. If you want something simple we would recommend Go-To Skincare by Zoe Foster-Blake (Yes, it’s an Aussie brand too!). Otherwise if you want something more hardcore Rationale is also a great luxury Aussie brand. Remember ladies, if you're old enough that you grew up with Tupac & Dr Dre during their prime time, it’s time to make vitamin c and sunscreen your BEST FRIEND!

3. Add Colour To Your Wardrobe

Mothers Day Colour

Featured | Aphrodite Maxi in Violet, Jaya in Pink Print & Multi Way Wrap in Jade

It’s 2021 and colour is OFFICIALLY back! We personally never felt that it ever left… Either way, why not refresh your wardrobe by adding a pop of colour to it. Whether that’s with a dress, scarf, jewellery or handbag - make it fit your own style! We may be a bit biased but we love adding colour into our wardrobes with kaftans.

4. Splurge On The Kitchen Appliance You’ve Been Eyeing!

Eyeing a new blender because your current one is smoking every time you add frozen banana to it? or maybe you want something extra exciting like an airfryer or kitchen aid... We support you either way. If you’re really able to spoil yourself this year, take the leap and invest in something that makes you happy and your life easier.

5. Pick up (or re-learn!) a new hobby

Mothers Day Hobby

Sometimes as mums, we forget to keep in touch with personal hobbies. Why not take the opportunity to start re-learning or exploring a new hobby all together this weekend? We love a good pottery class and candle-making course!

6.‘Professionally’ Organise Your Kitchen Pantry!

Mothers Day Pantry

Photo Credit | Unknown, Pinterest

Okay yes, we all see those organised pantries on Pinterest and want to just throw out our whole kitchen. It’s VERY much unnecessary but why not splurge on some new containers from Ikea or Kmart if it’s something that would make you happy?

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