Here’s how to redefine your New Year resolutions to create a successful 2021

As another year ends, another year begins with a new cheese platter addiction carried from the festive parties of the previous month. Like really, why can’t we continue having camembert as an entree before lunch every day?

redefine your New Year resolutions to create a successful 2021

As you can imagine, we’re pretty shocked that it’s already OVER HALF WAY through January. That’s given us over TWO weeks to trial our New Year's resolutions and create new habits in our lives. So, as a collective office, are we succeeding so far? You guessed it - absolutely not. Failed gym and fitness promises, forgotten weekly date nights and alcohol that we vowed to never drink this month have never left us so guilt ridden.

It was very clear at this point that we needed a ‘take two’ on 2021. Luckily for us our very talented graphic designer and all-round legend, Stacey, had the brilliant advice to re-word our resolutions to set ourselves up for more achievable and specific goals. It was important for us to redefine these new habits to be kinder to ourselves and not to set ourselves up for disappointment.

Here’s a look at a few of our redefined resolutions for 2021;

Read 2 books every month → introduce the habit of reading before bed instead of scrolling through Instagram

It’s fairly obvious through various studies that using technology an hour before bed creates a less ‘satisfying sleep’. So why not kill two birds with one stone? We’re opting to read at least a few pages of a book before bed to rid ourselves from the stress and negative comparison of social media.

redefine your New Year resolutions to create a successful 2021 Reading

Lose x amount of weight → Prioritise our health and learn new healthy recipes

We’re forgetting the aesthetics of becoming ‘fit’ and instead focusing on our health in a more practical aspect. 2021 is the year to get the skin checks, dental cleans and other health check-ins that we put off last year! We’re going to treat our body with the food it needs to nourish and fuel itself by introducing new and exciting healthy recipes this year. With a side of fries every now and then, of course. We need to stay sane this year too afterall.

redefine your New Year resolutions to create a successful 2021 Health

Drink less alcohol → Meet with friends for a picnic or scenic walk instead of the bar

This ones tough, but one thing we learnt during lockdown is the beauty of a simple walk with friend rather than relying on alcohol to ‘de-stress’ and socialise. We’re instead going to change our relationship with alcohol and focus on creating memories outside of bars - plus, who doesn’t love a wholesome picnic with your mates?!

redefine your New Year resolutions to create a successful 2021 Picnic

Go out for date night every week → find a mutual relationship goal or activity every month

It seems like most of us in the office struggled to uphold our weekly date night promise with our respective partners. Instead of putting pressure on ourselves to go out to dinner every week, instead we’re striving to find a mutual interest or activity every month to experience together. Whether that’s making a new pasta recipe together every week of January or exploring new walking trails during April, it’ll give us the opportunity to find new interests and change things up a bit.

redefine your New Year resolutions to create a successful 2021 Activity

So despite being a bit late to the party this year, we already feel that we’re on a better and exciting path to success with our new redefined goals. Hopefully this also reminds a few of you that it’s not too late to introduce new habits in your life this year.

On another note, we also wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your support last year! We can’t wait to do it again with you in 2021.

Love Always,
The PS Frocks Team xx

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