In Lockdown? Here’s Five New Things to Try

First off - If you’re currently in lockdown, we’re sorry. Secondly, if you’re in lockdown WITH kids, we’re sooooo sorry. Please pour yourself a wine (or two) on us.

To brighten the mood we thought it would be a good opportunity to give our readers a few ideas of new things to try, either to change old habits or just to gain a new hobby. Mental health is incredibly important to us so hopefully these ideas will make lockdown feel a bit more bearable. If you’re lucky and not in lockdown, this is a great chance to finish the last few months of the year with new skills, habits and hobbies!

Take an Online Cooking Class

In Lockdown Here’s Five New Things to Try Online Cooking Class

The best thing about cooking is there’s always space to learn. Whether you’re more of an Uber Eats kind of girl or cook constantly for friends and family, there’s something to explore and learn for everyone.

To create an exciting relationship with food by following some online cooking classes! You can take it at your own pace and learn any time of the week. We especially love Skillshare for this, which is a platform that has hundreds and thousands of classes on all sorts of topics.

Learn The Basics of a New Language

In Lockdown Here’s Five New Things to Try New Language

If you’re like us and have always wanted to order your food at an Italian restaurant properly without tripping over ‘fancy’ words, then now’s your time.

Rather than overwhelming yourself with the idea of learning a whole new language, set yourself a new goal of learning just the basics. That way, if you’re still curious about your chosen language you can expand it over time at your own pace. At least the core basics will be there!

Start a Herb Garden

In Lockdown Here’s Five New Things to Try Herb Garden

This third idea is perfect for families with kids! We’re big fans of fresh herbs, more as a practical aspect than anything else (There’s ALWAYS a need for basil, am I right?). Get the little ones involved by teaching them the basics of how plants grow and flourish but better yet - give them the task of watering them every couple of days so they have a new little hobby and responsibility.

If you’re not totally sold on the idea we’ll leave you with this thought - Imagine how good those homemade mojitos will taste with your fresh, lush mint?

Create with Pottery

In Lockdown Here’s Five New Things to Try Pottery

If you prefer to be more creative with your hands we love the idea of taking up pottery as a new hobby to try. It’s both a nice chance to learn a new art but also creates a great opportunity to make your loved ones gifts for their home. Recently in our monthly newsletter (you can sign up here to see our monthly recommendations and exclusive promotions!), we recommended Crock’d which is a home kit to get you started! So easy!

Learn Yoga or Meditation

In Lockdown Here’s Five New Things to Try Meditation Yoga

You’re spoilt for choice with the amount of well-being and fitness online platforms that are available these days! Apps such as Centr have a variety of meditation follow-along tutorials to get you started. If you’re looking for a bit more movement, yoga classes are also available to follow. We feel like the best part about these platforms is the strong online community that follows them. There’s always someone to connect to, which is such an important part of your wellness journey.

If you’re not in lockdown we’d recommend checking out community group fitness classes in your area which are funded by the council, making them either free or very affordable. It supports instructors and you get to meet new people in your local area!

So those are our top ideas! Tell us what new activity you’re currently trying at the moment, we love hearing what our readers are up to.

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