Mulberry Magic: This Season’s Standout Dresses

If you're looking to add a splash of rich, luxurious colour to your wardrobe, our collection of Mulberry Maxi Dresses is just what you need. This deep, sophisticated shade, reminiscent of ripe berries and fine wine, is perfect for any occasion. With a variety of Maxi Dress styles available at PS Frocks Australia, there's something for everyone. From formal events to casual gatherings, our Maxi Dresses are designed for Plus-Size women who are looking to feel fabulous wherever they go.

Why Mulberry is the Colour of the Season

This luxurious colour exudes warmth and class with a deep, rich blend of red and purple tones. The Mulberry hue has a velvety appearance that flatters all skin stones and is suitable for many special events. Whether you’re dressing up for a wedding or date night, the perfect Mulberry Maxi Dress can elevate your look effortlessly. With new styles recently added, our Mulberry Maxi Dresses Collection is more exciting than ever. 

Plus-Size Maxi Dresses Australia

7 Mulberry Maxi Dresses to Shop Now

1. Cora Maxi Dress in Mulberry

Mulberry Maxi Dress Australia

Channel your inner Greek goddess with the Cora Maxi Dress in Mulberry. This dress is your go-to for all occasions, featuring dramatic flowing sleeves and a cinched waist with a removable belt. The versatile design allows you to wear it as a Boat Neck or off the shoulder, making it perfect for weddings and functions. Pair it with gold accessories for a truly enchanting look. Explore the full Cora Maxi Dress collection here.

2. Keira Maxi Dress in Mulberry

Maxi Dresses Australia

Brave the colder Australian seasons with the Keira Maxi Dress in Mulberry. This floor-length dress, featuring mid-length sleeves and a unique diamond weave detail on the chest, is perfect for special events. The Batwing Sleeves complete this standout piece, whether paired with sandals or heels, the Keira Maxi Dress flatters all body shapes beautifully. Discover more colours and patterns in our signature Keira design.

3. Peyton Maxi Dress in Mulberry

Maxi Dresses Australia

The Peyton Maxi Dress makes elegance easy. Its understated design and halter style make it a popular choice for Bridesmaids Dresses and evening events. The wrap-style skirt adds some flair while maintaining a timeless look. Discover more stunning options in the full Peyton collection here.

4. Taylah Maxi Dress in Mulberry

Plus-Size Maxi Dresses Australia

Make a grand entrance with the Taylah Maxi Dress in Mulberry. Perfect for special events, this dress features luxurious Batwing Sleeves and a flattering V-neckline, the Taylah design combines comfort with a touch of drama. Explore more stunning colours and prints in the Taylah Maxi Dress collection.

5. Aphrodite Maxi Dress in Mulberry

Plus-Size Maxi Dresses Australia

The Aphrodite Maxi Dress is a showstopper in Mulberry with gathered pleats along the waist and a low neckline. It's great for formal events and ideal for Bridesmaids and Plus-Size women. This popular style is available in many colours to suit any wardrobe. Explore the full Aphrodite Maxi Dress collection now.

6. Gianna Maxi Dress in Mulberry

Maxi Dresses Australia

For a romantic feel, the Gianna Maxi Dress in Mulberry is your perfect match. The deep wine-coloured fabric, V-Neck and Low Back design makes it an irresistible choice for date nights. This dress exudes charm, especially when styled with gold jewellery. Check out the full Gianna Maxi Dress collection here.

7. Multi Way Wrap Maxi Dress in Mulberry

Maxi Dresses Australia

Versatility meets style with the Multi Way Wrap Maxi Dress in Mulberry. Ideal for Bridesmaids Dresses or any special event, this dress can be worn in 12 different ways, offering endless possibilities. Learn the secrets to styling this incredible Maxi Dress by checking out our blog. Explore infinite colour options and Midi Dress lengths in the full Multi Way Wrap Dress collection.

Discover Your Perfect Mulberry Maxi Dress

Our collection of Mulberry Maxi Dresses offers something for every woman. With beautiful styles to choose from, including many Plus-Size options, you're sure to find the perfect dress for every special moment. Mulberry is a trending colour that's both versatile and flattering, making it a must-have in your wardrobe. Explore our collection of Maxi Dresses and Plus-Size Dresses, and add some mulberry magic to your wardrobe today!

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