The History Of Christmas In July + Our Favourite Ways To Celebrate It.

The many perks of celebrating Christmas during summer in Australia is pretty extensive. From basking in the sun in your backyard with a cocktail in hand (with a full belly of turkey and potatoes) to playing family games on the beach. BUT... Is it too much to ask to also have cozy winter nights next to the fireplace with a red wine whilst singing along to Michael Bublé??

Which brings us to Christmas in July. The perfect excuse to make use of your ugly xmas sweater.

Our Favourite Ways To Celebrate Christmas in July

Courtesy of Keystone Camp. Featured // Batwing Style Maxi Dress in Mulberry

The history of Christmas in July is slightly ambiguous, but according to legend it came to be in the early 1930’s at an all girls camp in South Carolina called Keystone Camp. They celebrated with gift giving, a visit from Santa Clause and fake snow made from cotton wool. However, it’s safe to say that the concept became mainstream when a namesake film was released in the 1940’s, which was about a man that was pranked by his colleagues to believe he had won $25,000 and followed his gleeful spending and generosity spree. From there, it became an opportunity for businesses to join in with the playful concept, including sales, local events and markets.

For the most part the Northern Hemisphere takes the holiday quite ironically, but over the years countries in the Southern Hemisphere including here in Australia like to take the opportunity to celebrate and gather with family and friends during winter. Considering our country has such a common English heritage, it’s only natural for so many of us to take part in these winter traditions.

Curious to know our favourite ways we get into the spirit of Christmas in July? Check them out below:

Attend Your Local Pubs Christmas in July Dinner Event

Our Favourite Ways To Celebrate Christmas in July Pub

Featured // Mila Maxi Dress in White

Nothing more European than gathering at your local pub to enjoy a Christmas roast with your friends and family. If you search Facebook you’ll be sure to find a few, it’s also a great chance to support a local business during these quieter months.

Throw A Themed Dinner Party With Your Friends

Our Favourite Ways To Celebrate Christmas in July Dinner Party

Featured // Ivy Maxi in Maroon Chevron

What’s Christmas without endless food and dessert? Why not have a Christmas dinner with your mates, you can make things easy by having everyone bring a plate with them too. Don’t forget the cocktails too!

Attend Winter Night Markets With Your Partner

Our Favourite Ways To Celebrate Christmas in July Night Market

Featured // Avery Maxi Dress in Olive

There’s just something about enjoying a night market during winter that feels more whimsical. Recently a few specific Winter in July markets are popping up, which usually involves warm eggnog, European pastries and knick knacks.

Toast Some Christmas Treats Around A Firepit

Our Favourite Ways To Celebrate Christmas in July Firepit

Featured // Keira Maxi Dress in Sangria

Looking to have that authentic American/European Christmas experience? We love the idea of gathering your friends or family around a firepit to enjoy s'mores and mulled wine (yes, this is our 1000th time mentioning mulled wine but it’s a winter staple!!)

Do you have any unique Christmas in July traditions? Tell us about it on Facebook or Instagram!

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