Winter Dresses To Get Drunk In

It may surprise you to hear this, but we love a drink here at the P.S. Frocks HQ.

We consequently struggle to find opportunities to talk about alcohol when we sell dresses, so we decided that the best plan of action was to make a list of our favourite winter cocktails and the dress we feel best reflects it. Recipes are listed below as well. You’re welcome.

1. Old Fashioned ft. Keira in Spice

Winter Dresses To Get Drunk In Old Fashioned

You can’t go wrong with an old fashioned during winter. But to make things even better we added a bit of spice to it...literally. Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest has created a magical vanilla SPICED old fashioned recipe that has a special place in our heart. We obviously felt that the Keira in Spice embodied this drink perfectly.

2. Mulled Wine ft. Cora in Mulberry

Winter Dresses To Get Drunk In Mulled Wine

Arguably the best winter drink, mulled wine is a dangerously addictive cocktail that we crave as soon as it gets a weeeee bit chilly here in Australia. You can’t really go wrong with a recipe like this one as you can make it as fruity or spicy as you’d like. We felt that the Cora in Mulberry perfectly paired with this drink as it’s seductive and cosy...just like mulled wine...right?

3. Espresso Martini ft. Bridesmaids Etc. Multi Way Wrap in Mocha

Winter Dresses To Get Drunk In Espresso Martini

This one was controversial in the office. Some of us aren’t too keen on this classic drink, while others felt this was their go to. So we compromised. We were told about this drool-worthy wintery Salted Caramel Espresso Martini recipe that our founder, Jodie, could not rave about enough. We decided that this one reminded us of our Bridesmaids Etc. Mocha Multi Way Wrap, especially styled with short sleeves for those cooler season events.

4. Spicy Paloma ft. Paloma in White

Winter Dresses To Get Drunk In Spicy Paloma

Okay, so today we discovered that ‘Paloma’ is not just a female-given name but also a type of COCKTAIL!! We were obviously ecstatic to learn this, as one of our very loved dresses here at P.S. Frocks shares the same name. So of course we had to pair this spicy paloma recipe by Elaina Foodie with our Paloma Maxi in White.

5. Spiked Hot Chocolate ft. Kaftan Style Maxi Dress in Black

Winter Dresses To Get Drunk In Spiked Hot Chocolate

I won’t name names but someone in this office (It’s actually me, Lauren) is kind of obsessed with combining dessert and alcohol. This bourbon spiked hot chocolate recipe is the perfect winter treat and can be altered to your personal taste (coconut milk works great in it!). Our Kaftan Style Maxi Dress in Navy is our first style choice - because who wouldn’t want to get drunk in this dress?

Enjoyed this list? Please tell us on our Facebook or Instagram what your favourite winter cocktail is, the more recipes the better!

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